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Prahlad thinke about Kulkarni’s condition. He sees someone covered get into his house from back door. Prahlad thinks its theif and follows. Santa walks to Kulkarni hidden and asks Kulkarni how is he. Kulkarni says I am totally fine, don’t forget how knowledgeable I am. Santa says you are so cunning and intelligent, you didn’t even let Rukmani Madam find about it. Kulkarni says if she would have known about this she would go tell Keshav about it. Kulkarni slaps Santa says stop asking endless questions and serve me food. Santa serves him food and says now Prahlad will marry Sonali and go London as well and away from Sai. Kulkarni starts eating and sees Prahlad looking at him.

Prahlad walks to Kulkarni. Kulkarni asks I ate because I got emotional and ate food. Prahlad says you are so selfish and now I understood why Sai didn’t entertain my problems and I came here to say I am ready but now even if you are dying I won’t agree for marriage, I won’t spoil mine and Sonali’s life. Everyone walks in and sees Kulkarni eating. Prahlad leaves.

Sonali thinks about her meeting with Sai. Prabhakar walks to Sonali and apologize. Sonali asks him did Maa come to Shirdi and is Nani alive. Prabhakar says I am not aware about your mother coming to Shirdi. Sonali asks and is Nani alive. Prabhakar says no she isn’t and why are you asking all this. Sonali says Sai told me Maa came to see her with Nani. Prabhakar asks why did you go meet him and how can you believe him, you are marrying Prahlad qnd going London no more discussion. Sonali says I won’t and till you won’t tell me truth I am not discussing all this. Prabhakar says I don’t have time for all this and till you accept this proposal you won’t leave this room and asks a guard to make sure Sonali doesn’t leave. Sonali finds Prabhakar’s silence suspicious and decides to go meet Sai.

Sonali makes an attempt to run away but gets caught and goes back to her room. Prahlad sees Sonali’s room guarded and asks whats happening. Guards tell him these are Prabhakar’s orders. Prahlad sees from window that Sonali is worried.

Kulkarni calls everyone at school location. Prahlad says to Sai this must be Ajooba’s new trick to convince me to marry Sonali.
Kulkarni addresess everyone and says he has understood his mistake and now decided to build school here for underprivileged. Sai says to Kulkarni I told you, you will one day yourself give approval. Kulkarni asks Prahlad is he happy. Keshav says no, we are thinking about your evil next move. Kulkarni says I am just doing good, when Prahlad said he was ready to marry for my life I realised my mistake, all I want to see my grandson happy. Prahlad says I know in return you want my happiness. Kulkarni says I don’t want anything return, I just want you to go to London but why does that make me bad. Sai says because Prahlad isn’t happy with this decision. Kulkarni says enough and stop interfering in my family matters, you advice people to stay together but why do you keep creating differences in my family. Because of you my wife, my son and now my grandson all are against me and all because I didn’t become your devotee.

Kulkarni says to everyone, elders choose life partners for their family members and I did same but why am I evil then, there are so many here whose kids gave left Shirdi for work and if I want my grandson to do so why am I evil but Sai keeps putting this hatred in my son and grandson’s mind and created differences between us. Keshav says enough. Sai asks Keshav not to interrupt. Kulkarni says to Sai please do me a favour and stop making my family members against me.
Sai says for the first time Kulkarni has asked me for something and says I promise only that will happen which has Prahlad’s good even if that means Prahlad has to go to London. Sai and everyone leaves.

Kulkarni says I knew when I will address Sai infront of everyone and play emotionally, he will have to accept my request and he did so plan worked well.

Kids playing in Dwarka Mai. Prahlad walks in to teach them. Prahlad says Sai I want to talk to you. Sai says its been long yiu are teaching them, why not take test and see how much they have grasped and improvement needed. Kids get scared. Sai says exams are not about success and failure and marks but to see how much you have understood.
Prahlad says okay and write 5 questions on the board and ask kids to write answer for them.

Prahlad says to Sai, kids got scared hearing about exam I hope they don’t make mistakes because of nervousness.

Pre cap: Prahlad tells Sonali he will take her to meet Sai.
Prabhakar walks inside Sonali’s room.
Sonali’s Nani visits Sai. Sai recognises her, she gets happy seeing Saimhas recognised her after so many years.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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